9 Famous TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

TED is a platform where successful people from various sectors come and share their experiences and knowledge to the aspiring game changers and for the better tomorrow.Which is running with the unique slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading”,So many recognized people in the world appreciates the efforts of TED for it’s motive to teach every person in the world.One of the common quality of every successful people is continuous learning especially for aspiring and ongoing entrepreneurs .So here i am posting some of the best TED Talks for every entrepreneurs to watch and learn for self and business development.

1.SIMON SINEK: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

3.SETH GODIN:How To Get Your Ideas To Spread

4.SARAH LEWIS:Embrace The Near Win

5.TONY ROBBINS;Why We Do What We Do

6.RICHARD St.JOHN:8 Secrets Of Success

7.STEVEN JOHNSON:Where Good Ideas Come From

8.DAN ARIELY:Are We In Control Of Our Own Decisions?

9.DANIAL PINK:The Puzzle Of Motivation

These are the best TED Talks every entrepreneur need to watch for the effective and efficient flow of the life in the business world.


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