Famous Types Of Leadership Styles

In the business world there are different types of leadership styles adopted and followed by the leaders based on their nature and the size of the business as well as according to their core strengths and qualities.In fact in some of the business organizations the type of leadership decides it’s position and long term life  because the corporate and material decisions are taken care by them only.

Here i am giving you some of the commonly practicing leadership styles for business success;

1.Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership style is famous in most of the organizations,under this the corporate leaders set standards and goals to achieve for the particular period.For this achievement they give rewards to their employees in the form of checks or bonus or etc.By using this style leaders make their employees enthusiastic with the rewards and they can gain maximum results for the success of the organization.

2.Transformational Leadership

In this leadership style corporate level leaders trying to communicate and motivate regularly their employees for using their total knowledge and skill for the benefit of the company.In this leadership, leaders provide tasks to their employees and then they analyse and then they take reasonable steps for their development.

3.Autocratic Leadership

Under this managers have the every right to take decisions of their responsible department whether it as production,selling,administration,R&D…etc.In this type managers have huge chance to control their employees according to working culture.

4.Strategic Leadership

Under strategic leadership,leaders plan everything strategically of their tasks,rules and responsibilities for their employees with the view to put their organization on the top.Here planning takes the essential role,with which they lead their people.

5.Laissez-Faire Leadership

This is the type of leadership under which the leaders lacks the direct supervision with their organizational people and they may not take regular working feedback for their maximum productivity and efficiency towards the task which are allocated by the corporate management of the company.This leadership may increase the costs because of lack of efficiency and control over their employees.This is best suitable for the entities in which only experienced or skillful workers are working on their separate mission.

6.Participative Leadership

Under this type, leaders make sure that their employees and people are equally participate in the decision making process.This leadership enables every bottom level employee to prove his skill in the respective subject.Because of practicing of this leadership,the company should move effectively by the whole heart efforts of their employees.

7.Delegative Leadership

Delegative leadership possible when the corporate level leaders think that they have the competent personnel to take responsibility about any impacting department which already taken by other competent person.By this style of leadership they can provide an opportunity to new leaders for expressing their talent and the former can concentrate on other typical areas of business which need special attention.

8.Situational Leadership

Most of the business leaders are situational only,because for getting maximum results it’s important to act according to the situation rather according to our skills.So,it’s good to transform their ability based upon the people and situation.

9.Servant leadership

According to this leadership style the leaders put their employees needs first over other.This leadership may work properly when we have all competent or skilled or specialized staff for performing duties in the maximum effective manner.

10.Influence Leadership

Under this type style,the leaders influence their people with their words or actions.It’s quite good when leaders influence with the goal to make their employees follow his words or action or instructions.This leadership style also one of the famous in today’s technical world.

11.Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership is the best and mostly practicing leadership style by the revolutionary business organizations.Under which the leaders think and act for the long term success.They create their people with the common vision of accomplishment of their long term goals.

These are the famous leadership styles every business entrepreneur and everyone can consider for making the better difference.



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