Why Few People Always Search For Happiness

It’s universal fact that the Life is meant to be happiness or joyness or in other terms happiness is literally a state of mind.No one will come and make you happy …it’s your life, so you have to make yourself happy all the time.Many experts, pundits, psychologists says happiness is lies only in either getting success or reaching goals or in some other specific things, but they are totally wrong.Happiness is a mindset, it’s all about enjoying the particular moments and making experiences whether you get success or not, reaches your goals or not is not at all matter and these can’t stop you from being yourself happy.Remember in our life both success and failure are temporary, so we don’t need to hurt ourselves whenever we get failures and we don’t need to be happy only when we achieve success.

Success and failure is the results of what we doing today or other, forget about that.Make yourself happy and start tomorrow with fresh mind and extra energy.Like others said life is not a race, but it’s a marathon.We can’t decide our position or success in just one day or one project or one exam or one business.It’s a long term process, we have to run so many miles, we have to work hard, we have to make so many decisions, we have to meet so many people and we have to give our 100% best efforts for reaching our goals.

The Conclusion is that, as a human being we need to do these many things for defining a perfect definition to the life.Carefully understand, being yourself happy is different, and reaching your goals is different.We are living beings, so we don’t know when we die and what will exactly happen in future.That’s why you have to live your life with happiness everyday and every moment.



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