How The Fan of Michael Phelps Beat Him to Win Gold at RIO Olympics 2016

Michael phelps(31) is the american professional and fastest swimmer in the world.For his astonishing achievements and records he is celebrated as the most successful olympian in the history. He won totally 28 medals in olympics, in that 23 are gold and remaining are silver and bronze.In the recent RIO2016 olympics itself he won 5 golds and 1 silver, that means he maintained his medal winning dominance over other athlets. But the surprise is that, he won all the gold medals except one silver, because he was beaten by his fan cum competitor Joseph schooling(21) from singapore.

A famous quote is that, WORK HARD UNTIL YOUR IDOLS BECOME RIVALS.This phelps and schooling situation is the perfect example for it.Joseph schooling is 21 years old fresh swimmer from singapore and he developed his career by watching and learning from his idol michael phelps.

Normally if we face anyone who we admire most, we feels infinite happiness and don’t know what to do next.But here, Mr.Joseph schooling is going to compete for a medal with his childhood idol and most successful swimmer Michael phelps. But,like normal people he didn’t get either hesitate or panic, but just gave his 100% and beat his idol to win his and his countries maiden olympic gold medal.The learning lesson from Mr.Joseph schooling is that, in life everything is possible and we can beat everyone if WE CONFIDENT and WORK HARD.



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