7 Questions You Should Ask Your Employees Before Their Appointment

The success of every business organization is depends on the competencies of it’s manpower.Employees always have to play huge role in the long term success of the business house.So, at the time of their appointment it’s responsibility of every business entrepreneur to make sure that his new employees are competent and perhaps they are the right people for the right jobs in right time.For this, successful business giants like Apple, Microsoft, Ford….etc are already initiated and following various recruitment techniques for better employee selection.Every company have a unique set of questions according to their size and nature of business, which they want answer from every aspiring employee.

Here i am listing out top 7 questions, you need to ask your employees before their appointment for the better running of your business organization.

1.What are your core skills and strengths?

This is the first question you should ask your employees.Remember skills and strengths are different, skills represents their specialization while strengths represents where they are good at.Knowing their core skills and strengths enables you to decide whether they are fit for you or not and if they are fit what is the best suitable position for them in your company.

2.What inspires you to join with our company?

It’s a human nature that, we should be happy if we live where we want.So, asking them about what is their main inspiration about joining in your company reveals the actual secret.If they really inspired by your approach, your vision, your leadership they should work for your company by using level best with maximum efficiency.

3.Why you are fired out from your previous job?

Employees are two types freshers and experienced.This is a good question for later’s, because getting to know the reason why they are fired out from their previous job helps you to take better steps for not repeating the same mistakes what others done in past.

4.Give your opinion on the teamwork?

Team work makes the dream work.It’s a famous phrase every entrepreneur follows for achieving big success.As a business entrepreneur you need to master the art of building networks.So, at the time of your employees appointment know their opinion on the team work, if they are firm believers of team work they are fit to appoint and join in your team.

5.How you can take our company to the top level?

If you ask your employee, how you can take our company to the top level he reveals his desires and future planning on how he will use his strengths to take your company to top and how he can strive for becoming part of your companies long term success.

6.Are you comfortable to go other places by work?

Every company always starts small but with the time and planning it should diversify into various places around the city, locality, country and even continent.So, ask your employee whether he is comfortable or not to go other places on duty.

7.What do you prefer most. Money? or Recognition?

This is additional question, you can ask your employee to know his mindset, whether he prefers money or recognition.Normally, every employee because of his secured mindset, he works only for money, but truly committed employee strive for both money and recognition.

These above 7 questions should help you to find right employee for your company, after appointment provide him adequate training tool and support for giving his best towards his role for the success of whole business organization.



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